Flak Referendum

The chances of me voting for a glorified tea towel to represent our nation on international stage are quite slim.


Look at me being topical and totally not populist for my very first actual blog post.

Over the last few months in the lead up to flag referendum, I’ve found myself embroiled in a sea of crippling apathy in regards to two of New Zealand’s largest current news stories. These issues are the Flag Referendum and the TPPA. Now I won’t be talking about the controversial clauses of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in this piece however you can probably expect something on that in the future. In this piece I’ll be ranting and raving about the referenda, the 2017 General Election and ultimately what flag I will be voting for.

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I made a blog thing

So I finally did it, I went out and put my opinions in writing and created my very first blog. (unless having a Bebo counts, but lets all try and forget the Bebo years)

This blog will contain my internal ramblings, personal political opinions, self aware humor and maybe the occasional homage to an obscure pop culture reference because look at me and how alty I am. But yeah if you don’t enjoy politics, opinions,  satire, or fun maybe you should go back to the cooking section on Buzzfeed (did you see that? I made fun of buzzfeed! Take that ‘mainstream’ media!)

So anyway, sometimes things happen in the world and I get all fired up and need to put them in writing. So rather than subjecting my Facebook friends to posts longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace I decided to put it in a pretty and personable format provided by the one and only WordPress. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and if you don’t enjoy it, let me know why in a comment. Commenting generates more traffic and makes me look like my blog is doing better than it actually is…