Winston Peters Survival Guide

He has the influence, he is the kingmaker.


He’s been in more governments than any other MP yet is still somehow heralded as being anti-establishment and a political outsider.

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Guest Post: A. Little Bit of Trump

An immigration policy that is economically harmful and electorally flawed

For someone who is  known derogatorily as Angry Andy, the leader of the opposition was beaming with delight as he announced his plan to reduce immigration by 50,000 a year if elected Prime Minister. It’s hard to comprehend why a politician, especially one of a left wing party could be so happy about cutting immigration. Little has alienated almost every ethnic minority and liberal in this country, while spouting lies about the economic impact of immigration. His supporters argue it will win the infamous “Middle New Zealand”, but Little has missed the point of how to appeal to them as well.

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In defence of Civil Defence

As growing hectares of land are engulfed in flame, many New Zealanders are doing their part by turning against the agency intended to save them. Good Job.

For those unaware, Christchurch has been struck once again by an environmental crisis.

As growing hectares of land are engulfed in flame, many New Zealanders are doing their part by turning against the agency intended to save them. Good Job.

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The Twennysixteen Awards

A review of 2016 with a few awards for fun

I hate to sound like one of those Facebook personalities who makes a status whenever anything happens saying “2016 strikes again!”. I will however state that 2016 has been one hell of a year. I thought I’d celebrate it by arbitrarily selecting several things that I subjectively find interesting and then write a sentence about them with the word award tagged onto the end.

Hope you enjoy.

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What Blinglish means for NZ Politics

Find a man who will look at you the way Bill looks at his budget.

So first things first, sorry I haven’t posted since August. I’ve been trying to detox myself from political shitposting (blogging*) since the emotional roller coaster that was the US General Election (watching Florida was like watching the red wedding on steroids). I figured I’d get back into the swing of things by plunging into the resignation of blokelord John Key.

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From Paris to Beirut

At this rate, it’s possible that an attack in Paris will become just as insignificant to the media as an attack in Beirut.

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