From Paris to Beirut

At this rate, it’s possible that an attack in Paris will become just as insignificant to the media as an attack in Beirut.


Did you know that last week in France there was yet another Islamic State inspired terrorist attack? In this attack, two fundamentalists stormed a church, murdered an 85 year old priest and took 6 people hostage.  Continue reading “From Paris to Beirut”

Do you control guns or Islam?

The arguments that take place after mass shootings are so inefficient at dealing with the issue that one is arguably providing more to society by simply smashing two pumpkins together in the hope that it creates music.

It’s been about a month since my last blog post, assignments and life got far too overwhelming. Since then quite a bit of shit has gone down, Donald Trump became the republican nominee and Hillary Clinton seized the democrat nomination (called it). The whole world lost their minds over a gorilla, Johnny Depp turned out to be an abusive asshole, and Brock Turner exists (unfortunately). I could talk about those issues or I could go all in and talk about the Orlando Shooting. I think given the title of this post I’m sure you can deduce what I decided. Continue reading “Do you control guns or Islam?”

Fine, let’s talk about ANZAC Day.

War is ugly and the most horrific thing the world can face, remembrance should only ever serve to remind us of such a shocking stanza of history.

My most vivid memory of ANZAC Day is as follows;

It was an icy autumn morning. Waking at the ungodly hour of 4:45am, I put my kilt on and drove to the Paraparaumu Domain to join my pipe band at the dawn service for ANZAC Day. After marching the colossal distance of perhaps 75 metres, I then stood silently in formation to be graced by the reprehensible representative of the local RSA, important to mention that this guy wasn’t a veteran. In this spectacular speech the man lectured the assembly about the very serious threat of “youth gone wild!”.  The speech spoke at length about how the kids these days don’t understand proper values as all they seem to do is drink, fuck, and smoke weed (just imagine if he knew what Facebook was). All the meanwhile, he was ranting in front of about 6 under 18 members of the Kapiti Coast Pipe Band and about 30 members of the Air Training Cadets. Amongst his ad hom ramblings the man hailed that a better time once existed where young people were sensible, listened to their parents, and would volunteer to get shot at in a war millions of miles away from home. This time was 1915 and it was a better time indeed. Continue reading “Fine, let’s talk about ANZAC Day.”

Stumping Trump 101

When you centre your political campaign on an attempt to stop somebody else, you’re just ensuring that they will succeed.

I’m not going to suggest that I have the answers about how you can functionally stop Donald Trump. What I instead intend on highlighting is how the current tactics of slamming him as a fascist are inefficient and perhaps give some suggestions about how the overall media landscape should instead approach the Trump phenomena. Continue reading “Stumping Trump 101”

Has the light Bernt out?

There was one slight issue with the results of the March 25th Primaries. Hillary won every state.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. I sit somewhere else on the political spectrum however I have tremendous respect for his campaign and what he has achieved in the 2016 Election Cycle.
I’m also not even American so my opinion is pretty arbitrary but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Against the popular opinion of bias seeking millennials, it would appear that the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders is on its last legs. Despite my initial tone I actually feel somewhat disheartened by the reality that grassroots politics once again has fallen second place. After this post feel free to shed a tear for the 99%,  but lets not convert our anger into becoming Trump supporters. Please. Continue reading “Has the light Bernt out?”