Winston Peters Survival Guide

He has the influence, he is the kingmaker.


He’s been in more governments than any other MP yet is still somehow heralded as being anti-establishment and a political outsider.

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The Twennysixteen Awards

A review of 2016 with a few awards for fun

I hate to sound like one of those Facebook personalities who makes a status whenever anything happens saying “2016 strikes again!”. I will however state that 2016 has been one hell of a year. I thought I’d celebrate it by arbitrarily selecting several things that I subjectively find interesting and then write a sentence about them with the word award tagged onto the end.

Hope you enjoy.

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What Blinglish means for NZ Politics

Find a man who will look at you the way Bill looks at his budget.

So first things first, sorry I haven’t posted since August. I’ve been trying to detox myself from political shitposting (blogging*) since the emotional roller coaster that was the US General Election (watching Florida was like watching the red wedding on steroids). I figured I’d get back into the swing of things by plunging into the resignation of blokelord John Key.

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Stumping Trump 101

When you centre your political campaign on an attempt to stop somebody else, you’re just ensuring that they will succeed.

I’m not going to suggest that I have the answers about how you can functionally stop Donald Trump. What I instead intend on highlighting is how the current tactics of slamming him as a fascist are inefficient and perhaps give some suggestions about how the overall media landscape should instead approach the Trump phenomena. Continue reading “Stumping Trump 101”

Fail-safes of a failed flag.

The proud people of New Zealand has instead elected to keep the flag as they obviously prefer being represented by historic reminders to our colonial overlords and reptilian superiors.

So John Key lost and the flag remains unchanged, but does it actually matter? Has it hurt him in anyway?

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Has the light Bernt out?

There was one slight issue with the results of the March 25th Primaries. Hillary won every state.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. I sit somewhere else on the political spectrum however I have tremendous respect for his campaign and what he has achieved in the 2016 Election Cycle.
I’m also not even American so my opinion is pretty arbitrary but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Against the popular opinion of bias seeking millennials, it would appear that the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders is on its last legs. Despite my initial tone I actually feel somewhat disheartened by the reality that grassroots politics once again has fallen second place. After this post feel free to shed a tear for the 99%,  but lets not convert our anger into becoming Trump supporters. Please. Continue reading “Has the light Bernt out?”